The Minnesota Legislature established the Saint Paul Port Authority as a non-profit government agency in 1929 to manage the Saint Paul Harbor. The Port was launched in 1932 when the Port took over ownership of what today is known as Barge Terminal 1. In 1955, the Legislature authorized the Port to engage in economic development activities inland. Today the Port has 21 business centers – including four river terminals where commodities are loaded onto and unloaded from barges. The Port leases space in these terminals for river-shipping companies. For the majority of its inland business centers the Port cleans up the land, installs infrastructure and then sells 4 to 6-acre parcels of land to expansion-minded businesses.

The Port is managed by a 7-member Board of Commissioners. The Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor of the City of Saint Paul to six-year terms. Two members of the Saint Paul City Council site on the Board.

President Louis Jambois heads the 20-member Port staff. His senior team consists of Laurie Hansen, Chief Financial Officer; Lee Krueger, Director of Real Estate and Development; Lorrie Louder, Director of Business and Intergovernmental Affairs; Laurie Siever, Director of Human Resources and Office Manager; and Tom Collins, Director of Marketing & Communications. Eric Larson is the Port’s General Counsel.