Beacon Bluff site development

The 3M Saint Paul Campus Redevelopment Project is now called Beacon Bluff. This is Port Authority’s newest project — to redevelop the sites within the former 3M Campus in Saint Paul. Remediation begins Monday on seven building complexes in an area that once housed the 3M Co.’s Saint Paul Campus

Project Updates

Historic Mitgation & Landscaping Draft Review Documents – December 8, 2010

Feedback Instructions – Background Statement for Interpretive Program Panels Hub Introduction, 120810 Interpretative Sign Types – Beacon Bluff_120810 Present Interpretive Panels 1, 120810 Interpretive Panels 2, 120810 Site Facts 1, 120810 Site Facts 2, 120810-2 Site Plan and Streetscape Summit Historical Mitigation and Interpretation Update 12-8-10 Way Markers 1, 120810 Way Markers 2, 120810-2 February 26, 2010 Letter from Minnesota Historical Society State Historic Preservation Office to Summit Envirosolutions Regarding Marketing Strategy of 3M Main Plant Mitigation Plan (pdf) February 2010 Historic Resources Mitigation Plan for the 3M Main Plant Historic District?Saint Paul, Ramsey County, MN?by Summit Envirosolutions, Inc. (pdf) January 14, 2010 City of Saint Paul – Heritage Preservation Commission Resolution?Memorializing the HPC decisions regarding the former 3M Headquarters and the Memorandum of Agreement (pdf) January 2010 2010 Select Demolition/Remediation (pdf) January 6, 2010 The Saint Paul Port Authority announces a new name, Beacon Bluff, and logo as part of an international marketing effort for 61 acres of land and building space on Saint Paul’s East Side. December 9, 2009 The Saint Paul Port Authority closed the purchase of final 11 acre site from 3M. November 3, 2009 Final Recommendations Adopted by Community Advisory Committee Following a November 2008 meeting where approximately 200 East Side stakeholders voiced their concern and interest in the redevelopment of the 3M Main Plant Campus, Council President Kathy Lantry and Councilmember Dan Bostrom convened the 3M Community Advisory Committee in January 2009 to discuss and analyze options for the redevelopment of the 3M Site. The discussions included in-depth analysis of environmental issues, land use, job creation, economic development, historic preservation, building reuse, site circulation, parking and many other issues. Recommendations from a Historic Preservation Workgroup and a Jobs Workgroup, community design workshops, and a number of outside experts also informed the work of the Advisory Committee. Download 3M Community Advisory Committee – Recommendation (pdf)


SPPA Design Workgroup View Corridors 2.16.10 The 3M Site, Pi Press, Nov 24, 09 Old 3M Bldgs may have sad fate, Pi Press, Nov 25, 09 EPA Revolving Loan Fund Review Documents IHSC.AMC – Survey Bldg 42 IHSC.ACM Survey Bldg 41 IHSC.ACM Survey Bldg 2 IHSC.ACM Survey Bldg 99 complex 03-03262 Phase I P5 03-03262 Phase I P3 full 03-03262.02 Asbestos Survey P3 April 2009 Parcel 5 Add Phase II Inv & RAP July 2009 Additional PII Inv – P5 Foundary Dec 2009 Concrete Assessment Work Plan 3M Bld 99 Dec 2009 Phase II Investigation Report Parcels 3 & 6 03-03262.01.Parcel 5 Haz Mat Survey Feb 2010 RAP Parcel 3 Dec 2009 Parcel 5 Roadway Soil Mgt Inv work plan 3M Adv Committee Meeting – Final Recommendation – October 29, 2009 Ex_A_3M_Development_Principles Ex_B_3M_Dev_Concept7A-B Ex_C_3M_Marketing_Strategy_DRAFT Ex_D_3M_Advisory_Committee_Membership 3M_CAC_Recommendations_FINAL 3M Adv Committee Meeting –  Draft Recommendation –  October 29, 2009 Ex_A_3M_Development_Principles Ex_B_3M_Dev_Concept7A-B Ex_C_3M_Marketing_Strategy_DRAFT Ex_D_Evaluation_Criteria Ex_E_3M_Advisory_Committee_Membership 3M_AC_Recommendations_DRAFT 3M Advisory Committee Meeting, August 6, 2009 Memo_Advisory Committee re Eval Criteria 3M Main Plaint Campus Reuse Study (7-31-2009)

3M Reuse Study – Appendix A

3M Reuse Study – Appendix B

3M Reuse Study – Appendix C

3M Reuse Study – Appendix D

3M Reuse Study – Appendix E

3M Reuse Study – Appendix F

3M Reuse Study – Appendix G

3M Reuse Study – Appendix H

3M Advisory Committee Meeting, June 4, 2009

3M Jobs Workgroup Meeting Notes, May 26, 2009

Small Group Discussion Results for Options 5-6-Summarized, June 4, 2009

Public vs Private Costs for Presentation-2

3M Advisory Committee Meeting #8, May 7, 2009

3M Community Advisory Meeting #8 Minutes May 7, 2009



3M-Redevelopment-Scenarios-5-6-Data-May 7, 2009

3M Advisory Commitee Meeting #7, April 2, 2009

3M-Community Advisory Meeting #7 – April 2, 2009 – Minutes

3M Design Workshop – February 25 & 26, March 11

3M Redevelopment Concept Summaries

3M Advisory Committee Meeting #6, March 19, 2009

3M Advisory Committee Agenda – March 19, 2009

3M Community Advisory Mtg #6 – Minutes – March 19, 2009

Preliminary Market Overview.ppt

3M Advisory Committee Meeting #5, March 12, 2009

3M Community Advisory Meeting #5 Minutes

3M Advisory Committee Meeting #3, February 12, 2009

3M Community Advisory Meeting #3 – Minutes

3M Advisory Committee Workshop Presentation Part 1 3M Advisory Committee Workshop Presentation Part-2

Community Design Workshop


Community Desgin Workshop BW


Advisory Committee Presentation

3M Advisory Committee Meeting #2, January 29, 2009

3M Building Detail Matrix 1
3M Community Advisory Meeting #2 – Minutes

3M Redevelopment Schedule_Final 1

Background Documents

Draft Cleanup Grant 3M Parcel 2 – October 2, 2009 Draft Cleanup Grant 3M Parcel 4 – October 2, 2009 Draft Cleanup Grant 3M Parcel 5 – October 2, 2009 SPPA-#47695-v1-3M_Jobs_Workgroup_Meeting_Notes_082509 3M_RecommendationComponents_09_01_09 3M Phase II Report 7-2-09

3M Ph II Peer Review_SummitEnviro

Building Reuse Study.ppt

Development Principles

3M Comments from Meeting – Nov 20, 2008

Written Community Input from Meeting – Nov 20, 2008

3M Redevelopment Project – Community Process

3M Redevelopment Project – Parcel Map

3M Building Detail Matrix

3M Redevelopment Schedule Final

3M Tour Video  – Click on link to view 3M_Bldg_Tour.mpg

Detailed Market Analysis for SPPA

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