Pillbox Tavern Now Open

Pillbox Tavern Pillbox Tavern is now open at Treasure Island Center. This sports-themed restaurant, owned by Bill Ashton, pays tribute to the original “Pillbox,” a downtown ballpark used by the […]

Skip the Straw Day

#SkiptheStrawDay According to National Geographic, Americans use 500 million straws every single day. Why is this important? Because that’s more than 1.6 straws per person per day, equating to a […]

The Mississippi River: An Economic Engine

This blog was taken from an article published on LinkedIn by Kathryn Sarnecki, vice president of redevelopment and harbor management at the Saint Paul Port Authority. Economic Contribution The Mississippi […]

Baldinger Bakery Career Fair

Baldinger is a large bakery that produces 2 million buns per day.  Come to the Baldinger Career Fair and interview for production jobs.  You could be offered a job on […]

Port Authority Spotlight: Ann Kosel

Ann Kosel – Executive Assistant   In 10 words or less what do you do at the Saint Paul Port Authority? “I assist five awesome members of the Port Authority […]

Stacking Treasure Island Center

To Celebrate #InternationalBeerDay, we sat down with Andy Erickson and Brad Randall, two of Stacked Deck Brewing Co. three founders. Stacked Deck will soon be opening at Treasure Island Center!   How […]

Who’s On PACE? (ft. Deneen Pottery)

Deneen Pottery President and MinnPACE customer Niles Deneen, talks about how and why his business decided to use MinnPACE financing to invest in renewable energy.  What did you upgrade? This […]

Port Authority Spotlight: Tabu Henry

Tabu Henry – Intern How did you end up at the Saint Paul Port Authority? “I wanted an internship that would help me build a resume and I signed up […]