Beacon Bluff Business Center

No large parcels available.

11 Parcels on 39.5 acres. 
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Site Features

  • Zoned Industrial; 11 parcels on nearly 40 acres.
  • Shovel-ready sites.
  • Financial incentives available.
  • Quick access to Phalen Boulevard and Interstate 35E.
  • Great visibility from Phalen Boulevard.


  • Full-service interchange at I-35E & Phalen Boulevard (completion 2015).
  • Close proximity to transportation of goods including Interstates 35E and 94; rail and river shipping.
  • International airport within 10 miles; corporate airport within 5 miles.
  • Access to Saint Paul’s ready and qualified workforce.
  • Reduced utility and energy costs through a partnership with Xcel Energy.
  • Land abatement, regulatory approvals, and infrastructure improvements.
  • Proximity to more than 30 higher education institutions, including research capabilities.
  • Environmental liability assurances provided by the MN Pollution Control Agency.
  • Value-added light manufacturing, industrial, and other uses providing significant jobs and/ or tax base.
  • Manufacturers: minimum $70 per square foot construction value.
  • Building-to-land coverage ratio of at least 35 percent.
  • Minimum one job per 1,000 square feet of building space.
  • Minimum wage of $14.75/hour plus benefits.
  • 10-year Workforce Agreement with Port Authority.
  • Commitment to employ Saint Paul residents in at least 70 percent of new hire positions.
  • Commitment to abide by the Port Authority’s Protective Covenants.
  • Commitment to evaluate construction of energy efficient buildings and sustainable site design.

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VP of Real Estate and Development

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