The Saint Paul Port Authority purchases polluted, blighted properties in the City of Saint Paul that the commercial real estate community won’t touch.

We do the work needed to clean up the pollution left behind from previous tenants and return the land for light industrial use. The results include net new jobs for Saint Paul – living wage jobs with benefits – and significant increases in tax revenues going back into the City of Saint Paul.

Redevelopment Criteria

The Saint Paul Port Authority has a history of purchasing polluted and abandoned industrial properties throughout the City of Saint Paul and dedicating the resources needed for clean-up and redevelopment. Once the property is marketable for industrial use, it is sold back to the commercial real estate community for as little as a dollar, provided the buyer meets the Saint Paul Port Authority’s Work Force Agreement criteria:

  1. Density: One job per 1,000 square feet of proposed building space
  2. Living Wage: Minimum pay of $12.61/hour with benefits or $14.91/hour without benefits
  3. Community: 70 percent of new employees, hired in the first 10 years, should be Saint Paul residents

Most employers exceed these expectations and the result is stronger neighborhoods and increased tax revenues. Saint Paul Port Authority Business Centers are home to more than 500 companies, with approximately 25,000 jobs, generating more than $12 million in annual tax revenues.