Why Invest in the River

  • Waterways and ports help drive Minnesota’s economy. Failure to invest in our waterways and ports will hurt Minnesota’s exports, business sales and job creation.
    Source: U.S. Chamber
  • With smart investments, we can better manage increasing cargo loads, address problems caused by congestion delays and ultimately stimulate our economy.
    Source: U.S. Chamber

Mississippi River

  • The Mississippi River transports approximately 60% of Minnesota’s agricultural exports.
    Source: CHS

Saint Paul Harbor

  • The Saint Paul Harbor is made of 2.1 miles of dock wall or unloading area
  • The Saint Paul Harbor includes 7.4 miles (38,985 linear feet) of fleeting
  • The Saint Paul Harbor includes four river terminals, 30 businesses and 774 jobs
  • About 5 million tons of commodities go through SPPA terminals each year (primarily grain, corn, soybeans, wheat, sand fertilizer, road salt and coal)

St Paul Area Shipping Stats

  • 2015 Inbound: 3,895,549 tons of commodities were shipped into the Saint Paul Area. Top imports include cement, salt, fertilizer and aggregate.
    Source: State of Minnesota
  • 2015 Outbound: 2,991,472 tons shipped out of the Saint Paul Area. Top exports include soybeans, corn, grain and wheat.
    Source: State of Minnesota