Green Space

Our goal is to protect up to 20 acres of green space on the former golf course site. This could include parks, open spaces, and both stormwater and wetland amenities.  While the Port Authority will design and construct all spaces, Saint Paul Parks and Recreation will maintain up to five acres. The Port Authority will maintain the remaining 15. Green spaces will also serve as a buffer between industrial and residential properties. All green spaces are contingent upon the final master plan.

Sustainability Strategies

One of the three pillars of our mission statement is advancing sustainable design. Along these lines, we will advocate for  Next Generation Stormwater Management systems, renewable energy systems, and sustainably designed buildings on the site. In addition, light industrial buildings will be required to go through a Green Building Design Review. Our goal is to identify new ways to improve worker health and productivity, minimize environmental impacts, and protect the health and safety of those living and working in the neighborhood. All sustainability strategies are contingent upon the final master plan.