Hillcrest Community Engagement

The Saint Paul Port Autority is working closely with District Two and Council Member Nelsie Yang to ramp-up community engagement efforts at Hillcrest. Opportunities to get involved will be announced throughout the spring, summer, and beyond.

For the past two years, the City of Saint Paul has worked closely with community members to develop a Master Plan for the Hillcrest redevelopment site. Once completed and approved, the Master Plan will serve as our blueprint to redevelop the site.

What happens next is the exciting part – bringing the Master Plan to life.  We know there will be housing, jobs, parks, open spaces, and public art. What we don’t know is how these pieces will all work together to create a vibrant community.  These decisions will be guided by community conversations that will begin this Spring/Summer and continue over the next few years. And, while the plan is still under review, there are plenty of opportunities to gather feedback on what the community would like to see.

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Engage Hillcrest Ongoing Conversations

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