The Saint Paul Port Authority’s Position

While we cannot overstate the importance of the final master plan, our vision for Hillcrest is a mixed-use development with housing, jobs, and green space. At the Saint Paul Port Authority, we have a long-history of purchasing and redeveloping distressed properties that are perceived as too risky for private investment. Hillcrest fits this description because of soil contamination, lack of infrastructure, lack of a master plan, topography challenges, and zoning needs.

As an economic development agency, our goal is to accelerate redevelopment by removing barriers. As risks are eliminated, private investment will follow. In fact, we foresee this as the biggest modern-day investment in Saint Paul’s East Side. When all is said and done, we will deliver on jobs, housing, and tax revenue goals.

Construction Details

Future construction contracts will be subject to a Project Labor Agreement.  In addition, the Saint Paul Port Authority will follow the city of Saint Paul’s HREEO standards, including the Vendor Outreach Program. The Port Authority will also work with engineers and consultants to recruit a diverse local workforce throughout the construction process.