The Heights: Outdoor Spaces Workgroup

Spots Available on our Outdoor Spaces Workgroup

The Saint Paul Port Authority is currently recruiting up to 10 people to join our outdoor spaces workgroup for The Heights.

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Scope of Work

The Heights Outdoor Spaces Workgroup will collaborate with the Saint Paul Port Authority, ultimately influencing decisions that are in alignment with City of Saint Paul’s Master Plan. The group will discuss a wide range of topics including trails, wetlands, stormwater management, publicly accessible nodes, and ecological considerations.

Outdoor Spaces Workgroup Structure

The committee will consist of 6-10 members who have a connection to Saint Paul’s Greater East Side and a passion for outdoor spaces.

Meeting Logistics

Meetings will be held in person to maximize collaboration. We anticipate hosting three meetings between October and December 2022. Meeting dates and times will depend on committee member availability. Transportation, translation services, and childcare will be provided upon request.

Compensation Structure

Workgroup members will receive $50 for each meeting attended. An additional $25 may be provided for completing assigned homework. Payments will be provided in the form of Visa gift cards, thanks to a grant provided by the White Bear Avenue Business Association.

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Outdoor Spaces Workgroup

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