Posted July 18, 2019
Saint Paul

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Conduct deposit verification and/or change order preparation using specialized counting equipment and procedures. Separate currency, coin, and/or check deposits received from bank, ATM, and/or commercial customers providing accurate count by denomination. Prepare currency and/or coin change orders by denomination for each customer assigned:

Essential Job Function:

? Prepare change orders Performance of the essential function requires:

? Ability to read, count, add, subtract, write and record numbers

? Ability to perform simple computer data entry

? Ability to use calculator by touch

? Ability to bend, squat, stoop, stand, walk, lift up to 50 lbs., sit, push and pull

? Unrestricted wrist, hand and finger dexterity

? Ability to operate pallet jack (Level III job only)

Working Conditions:

? Work is performed in a room or work area within a vault with little or no exposure to outside light. The workspace is heated in winter, air conditioned in summer (68-72 degrees)

? Work is performed primarily from a standing position in front of a 3.5 – 4 foot high counter.

? Full time work consists of an average of 40 hours per week performed in 8-hour shifts.

Below is a list of required information that you will need to complete the application process.

1. Education History- Highest grade completed in each school category (Grade, High, College, Grad School)

2. Employment/Work Experience- All employment history for the past 7 years including address and phone number.

3. Three Personal References (no relatives) including address and phone number.

4. List all driving licenses or permits held.

5. Please list physical address. No PO Boxes acceptable.

Please fill out carefully and completely. Answer every question.

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