Posted July 18, 2019
Bix Produce
Saint Paul

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We’re seeking a dedicated professional who’ll be responsible for bringing the highest quality produce to our customers and rotating their stock per contract agreements. The job entails separating orders, placing them on a two-wheeler and delivering them into customers’ kitchens.

Essential Job Functions
  • Arriving to customer locations on time every time
  • Collecting payment from C.O.D. accounts
  • Ensuring every order is received complete and in quality condition
  • Calling in to report any errors or imperfections and helping to resolve them ASAP
  • Performing light maintenance on delivery trucks (e.g., checking fluid levels)
  • Operating BIX vehicles in a safe and responsible manner, using defensive driving techniques
  • Safely loading and moving products using proper lifting techniques
  • Cleaning the box of the vehicle daily and removing any spills
  • Keeping the cab of the vehicle clean and free of trash
  • Assisting with special deliveries when needed
  • Making pick-ups from vendors throughout the area
  • Reclaiming any product that a customer might wish to return
  • Maintaining a safe work environment to reduce injuries and worker compensation claims
  • Fulfilling other duties as assigned

BIX Produce Company

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