Posted July 18, 2019
Saint Paul

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Essential Job Functions

BASIC JOB DEscriptION: Using automated equipment, process loose, bagged coin into conformed rolls to be packaged in various denomination boxes for daily customer change order shipments. Coin Roller is a dual-function job: loader and boxer/packer. Each function is performed in an alternating manner; i.e., alternating positions per four hours or every other day. The loader continuously fills machine hoppers with loose coin while the packer-boxer oversees and directs the flow of rolled coin on the conveyor into boxes. The boxer then weighs, seals, initials and places boxes of rolled coin onto the rack.


• Continuously feed bags of loose coin into machine hopper for up to eight (8) hours, operating from 2 to 7 machines at a time.

• Manually position coin rolling machine chutes to fill boxes on conveyor belt. Seal, weigh, initial and lift boxes onto rack. Function is performed repetitiously for up to eight (8) hours. Depending on the number of machines, a packer will process as many as 400+ boxes per 8-hour shift.

Performance of the above functions requires:

• Unrestricted ability to stand, walk, bend, squat.

• Ability to repetitiously lift bags of coin weighing from 30-55 lbs. from ground level to a height of at least 4 feet, cut open, and pour the contents into a machine hopper, approximately one bag per minute.

• Ability to lift boxes of rolled coin (weighing as much as 12-25 lbs.) off conveyor belt and position on rack on level from 6 inches to 3 feet off floor level.

• Ability to count, add and subtract; record numbers and signatures; read weights and distinguish coin denominations.

• Ability to meet state requirements for handgun license/permit.


Work is performed indoors in a room with little or no outside light, cement floor and walls. The area is heated for winter, air conditioned for summer. A high noise level exists when machines are in operation. Possible (but limited) exposure to gasoline fumes associated with forklift equipment.

Below is a list of required information that you will need to complete the application process.

1. Education History- Highest grade completed in each school category (Grade, High, College, Grad School)

2. Employment/Work Experience- All employment history for the past 7 years including address and phone number.

3. Three Personal References (no relatives) including address and phone number.

4. List all driving licenses or permits held.

5. Please list physical address. No PO Boxes acceptable.

Please fill out carefully and completely. Answer every question

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