Thank you for your interest in the former Bix Produce building. To be considered for purchasing, please complete the form provided below. There is also a section where you can upload this information in a different format. All details are required.

Bix Sales Criteria

You may either complete this form in its entirety or upload the same information provided on this form. PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL NEED TO HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON AT THE END OF THE FORM IN BOTH CASES.
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Project Type
Briefly describe your redevelopment plan for this site.
Please enter a number from 0 to 5000.
How many jobs do you anticipate at this location in year one. (The minimum is 1/1000 sq. ft. which is 70).
Please enter a number from 70 to 50000.
How many jobs do you anticipate at this location in 10 years time?
This information should include your plan for meeting jobs and training requirements. Would earnest money be considered if there is a risk of of not meeting targets?
Information about project partners and end-users should also be included.
The expected minimum purchase price is $6M.
Items to be evaluated include veteran, minority and women-owned businesses/partners; workforce, earnest money, or ability to guaranteed jobs; and joint venture opportunities.