Finding a Name

Drum. Roll. Please.

The top three choices for the redevelopment of the former Hillcrest Golf Course are as follows:

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Our Process

After collecting suggestions from the community, on words that best represent the area, we shared the results with a smaller committee. This group concluded that the final name should be new, welcoming, and inclusive to past, present, and future residents. Themes they leaned into included:

  • Celebrating the site as being the highest point in the city
  • Reflective of Eastside Pride
  • Honoring the Hmong culture and the Hmong/American partnership fighting communism
  • Tribute to the Native American community
  • Connections to Hayden Heights
  • References to “green” sustainability features coming to the site

Our Reasoning

From there, three name options were selected by the committee. Regardless of the name, the committee would like to see the site marketed as a “community” that includes housing, jobs, and green space. The final three names include:

  1. Eastcrest Heights
    1. “East” reflects neighborhood pride in being on the east side
    1. “Crest” reflects both the former Hillcrest Golf Course and the site’s elevation
    1. “Heights” reflects neighborhood pride in site’s significant elevation and a common term used to reference the area

  2. Hillpoint Heights
    1. “Hill” reflects both the former Hillcrest Golf Course and the site’s elevation
    1. For the Hmong community, “Hill” reminds them of home (mountainous area)
    1. “Point” reflects neighborhood pride in site’s significant elevation

  3. The Heights
    1. This option is a simplified version that incorporates the word that resonated most with the committee.

What Happens Next?

Voting will remain open through Sunday, December 5. Stay tuned for an announcement with the final name.

We would also like to add that the committee recommends that a few of the words that didn’t make the final three be considered for future phases of the project. Opportunities could include the residential area, the business park, green spaces, trails, roads, and other public nodes. These include:

  • Community, Village, Ville
  • Acres, Greens & other words that connect to the area’s agricultural roots
  • Native American recognition
  • Hmong recognition